The founder of the site, Paul Lamford, has been a successful gambler for over thirty years. His accounts with bookmakers have long been closed down, and he had to stop using Betfair because of the punitive Premium Charge that they introduced of around 50% of profits! His account was around £2.5 million up at the time, but even so … This site will aim to provide you with Paul’s Picks on a range of sports, which will expand to include tennis, golf, cricket, snooker, darts and greyhounds.

Paul has also been stopped from playing Blackjack in many casinos around the world, and we will later expand the site to include reviews of online casinos, software and publications. The industry has been blighted by the few rogue casinos that either do not offer a fair game or disappear with client funds, so one has to be very careful. The bonus offers are a minefield as well, and we will explain those in detail. Paul’s expertise is shown by his many books and articles on games and gambling, including Gambling, The Lottery (both Harper Collins), Amazing Book of Casino Games (Quadrillion), and books on backgammon, bridge, chess and other games. Reviews of sites offering skill games played for money, and the pitfalls these present, will be added in due course.

Paul’s Betfair record before he stopped using the site:

  • Lifetime net profits – £2372771.00
  • Lifetime Commission generated – £408052.00
  • Markets bet – 233445
  • Lifetime gross profits – £2841021.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      <!– Affiliate Code Do NOT Modify–><a onclick=”,’_blank’);return false;” href=”″  ><img src=”″ alt=”Click Here”  style=”border:none; width:180px;  height:150px; “/></a><!– End affiliate Code–>
  • Paul is author of a dozen books on games and gambling, including Amazing Book of Casino Games (Quadrillion), Gambling and The Lottery (both Harper Collins). This site will sell gambling books, and review new gambling books as they appear.

  • Sports betting will be a major part of this site, and we eventually aim to have both a sportsbook and an exchange. The tipping service will remain independent, and will show the best bookmaker price.

  • There will also be a gambling forum, and readers can exchange information, or buy and sell anything connected with sports or gambling, such as tickets for major events, programmers, books or travel tickets. We will monitor the integrity of posters and advertisers.